- Anything you purchase here is totally your responsibility, FallenTech isn't responsible for whatever you purchase here, but you can contact us using any one of the Contact methods provided below, if you haven't received any goods. FallenTech has total rights to terminate access to any user if the user is not following a server rule. FallenTech can change the cost of any package any time without notifying the user. FallenTech can't be charged of any crime as this is a legal purchase which can't be done without approval of the buyer.

- There will be no transfer of packages to different usernames. If you change your username via Xbox, you will lose all the progress in the server along with any purchased goods/ranks for that account, for which we aren't responsible. To fix that you have to change your username back or make a new account with the old username.

- Once a Purchase is processed by our Store and the items are provided, you will not receive a refund under any circumstances. We do not offer refunds, and in the attempt of a chargeback, or false claim being opened via PayPal, your Account will be permanently banned from accessing our Server. We take these false claims very seriously, and will take action accordingly against them. 


  1. Discord: discord.fallentech.io Infernus#9511
  2. Email: infernusmcpe@gmail.com
  3. Twitter: @RealFallenTech @Infernus101